COVID-19 Freight Data

With COVID-19, the world of freight is changing faster than ever before and SONAR is here to keep you up to speed and assist you during these times. Use SONAR to navigate the freight market with COVID-19 freight data. The custom COVID-19 dashboards give you everything you need to transition from day to day, staying in step with the volatility of the country. Existing SONAR users now have access to our COVID-19 Dashboard, COVID-19 Trucking Dashboard and COVID-19 Maritime Dashboard

Volatility Insights

Freight markets are unusually volatile right now. The watchlist below provides an understanding of the domestic impact by viewing multiple markets across the country with daily percent changes. Follow capacity changes to better understand which markets are being affected the most.

COVID-19 Freight Dashbaord

CV19 Dashboard: Most Volatile Markets in a market table, Weighted Rejection Index in a watchlist and Headhaul Index on a map.

COVID-19 Freight Dashboard

CV19 Trucking Dashboard: Custom volatility market table and 7 Day Van Rates InGauge gauges.

Market Volumes and Trucking Rates

The COVID-19 Trucking Dashboard was built to help you make faster decisions based on where volumes and capacity are headed in each market, broken down by inbound and outbound activity. The trucking rates per mile of specific origin/destination pairs across the country are key in market-to-market benchmarking.

Port Activity

A quick snapshot of imports and exports gives you a clearer picture of the maritime industry on a daily basis. Understanding port activity helps you better prepare for economic impacts.

COVID-19 Dashbaord

CV19 Maritime Dashboard: Export and import shipments in tree maps.

COVID-19 Dashbaord

CV19 Heat Layer in a map.

Global Impact

A COVID-19 case heat map can be found on the Critical Events app in SONAR. This map gives you daily data, drilling down to the county granularity in the United States.

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