Agriculture Data

Unsurprisingly, farmers like to sell (and ship) when prices are high. SONAR tracks prices received for the major crop categories broken down by state. And how much produce do farmers have to ship? SONAR has agriculture inventories broken down by state as well. 

Grain production is influenced by more than just how much we eat –  other variables include time of year and weather. SONAR now includes seasonality by crop and by state. In addition, SONAR’s robust weather tools track the variables controlled by Mother Nature. 

Grain needs to be transported, usually either by train or barge (depending on whether there is a nearby river). SONAR includes the published grain tariff rates by railroad, broken down by location, grain rail carloads, and rail operating metrics by carload and overall tonnage on U.S. inland waterways.

Agricultural data available in SONAR includes:

Price by commodity for 30+ commodities (bananas, edible beans, ground beef, white bread, broccoli, butter, cheddar cheese, cherries, whole chicken, ground roast coffee, fresh concentrate orange juice, grapefruits, lemons, iceberg lettuce, milk, navel oranges, pasta, peaches, Anjou pears, sweet peppers, pork chops, white potatoes, uncooked long grain white rice, soft drinks, strawberries, white sugar, field grown tomatoes, whole frozen turkey, vodka, red and white table wine, yogurt, alcoholic beverages, malt). 

Price received by commodity (corn, eggs, hogs, soybeans)

Production and Inventory


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