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SONAR is the first-of-its-kind, lightning-fast freight market data and analytics platform⁠—designed to give users the most comprehensive view of the freight markets available in the industry today. Now, freight market participants can react faster than ever before. Learn more about SONAR’s robust toolset below.



SONAR’s charts allow users to visualize data from every angle. Differing data can be overlayed, giving the users the ability to compare, contrast, and gauge correlation across data sets.

Seasonality Chart


Seasonality charts allow users to better analyze market conditions, especially when it comes to pricing and rates. Our Seasonality calendar sheds light on the products that move through 135 U.S. markets each year. 



By taking in data from across the globe and presenting it on a map, a user can compare various markets over-time and understand how different markets are shaping up. 3D maps provide depth and breadth to the data, providing even more visibility in the ever-shifting freight market. 



Weather plays a major role in daily freight movements: from winter snow and ice storms to tropical events like hurricanes. SONAR users can layer weather data on top of the map in order to see exactly how weather is impacting markets across the globe.

Road Conditions


Road conditions are crucial across every mode in the freight industry. View weather conditions, road surface data, road temperature, wind speed, 48-hour forecasts, and more in SONAR.


SONAR Alert Management (SAM)


SONAR’s alert management system allows you to create custom, up-to-the-minute alerts for the markets that matter most, keeping you in the loop when you’re on the go. Set up SAM for any index, watchlist, market, or value, and determine your own personal notification threshold.

Tree Map


Tree-maps allow for a high-level overview of a number of data sets, organizing indices from largest value in the upper left corner to smallest value in the lower right corner. The markets or qualifying regions are sized according to relative value to the data set. Larger valued granularities have bigger boxes. Positive changes are represented in shades of green and negative changes are shown in shades of red.


Linked Widgets


Providing more visibility than ever in a single view, our linked dashboards are prebuilt to help you leverage SONAR for you and your business.




The news feed comes from 35,000 highly-filtered accounts, including the most influential journalists, analysts, thought-leaders, news publications, and associations in the space. Users can search for relevant content and subjects, allowing for a high degree of customization within the widget.


Flash News


The flash news widget provides algorithmically-based news reporting that collates the most relevant topics impacting the industry. Instead of targeting specific sites, it uses keywords, phrases, and industry players, providing the user with access to the most relevant information in real-time.




The secret to SONAR? The hundreds of tickers used to categorize and manage all of our data sources. The market code combined with the core index will provide regional granularity to the underlying data, while the state code combined with the core index will provide state-level granularity to the underlying data. Our customizable scrolling ticker watchlist widget helps you keep your eye on the tickers and data sets that mean the most to you.




Gauges demonstrate where data lies on a 52-week comparison, allowing the user to visualize and benchmark data sets at their annual high and low.


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