Weather Monitoring & Analytics

Weather is one of the biggest factors in creating supply chain volatility and risk. Hurricanes, winter blizzards, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes and fires all cause significant challenges for the movement of freight.

SONAR offers the deepest set of weather analytics and risk monitoring applications of any logistics and supply chain software platform.

SONAR’s features include radar maps, projected weather risk impacts to assets, forecasts, surface weather conditions, road precipitation conditions, alerts, and other elements built specifically for monitoring.

SONAR’s weather tools provide the following:

  • 24-hour rain and 24-hour snow forecasts
  • 48-hour barometric pressure and dew point forecasts
  • 48-hour wind speed forecasts
  • Road conditions (dry, wet, light frost, slush, snow, ice and possible closure)
  • Air and road temperatures
  • Ice or snow on road
  • Hourly rain, freezing rain, snow and ice forecasts/totals
  • Wind speed
  • Wind gusts

Critical Events

SONAR Critical Events is a highly effective tool for shippers, brokers, carriers and drivers to get ahead of Mother Nature. Impact regions are highlighted days in advance of major weather events. Costly disruptions in freight movement can occur on rails, runways and intermodal ramps, not just on roads. Within a potential impact region, Critical Events color codes assets such as airports, sea ports and railroads based on threat level, and indicates how long the threat will last. Overlays of radar, temperature, precipitation and wind forecasts, National Weather Service warnings, DOT traffic information and forecasted road conditions complete the picture. Critical Events, along with SONAR’s vast freight market data, can help those in the freight transportation industry make better re-routing decisions regarding driver safety and their bottom lines.

Our Critical Events widget is a very powerful tool that can map out severe weather watches and warnings, hurricane paths, earthquake impacts,  controlled power outages and areas impacted by fires. This tool can help to determine what assets will be impacted (airports, seaports, canals, etc.).

In addition, SONAR’s Critical Event Center offers unparalleled views of major weather events and natural disasters to assist companies and organizations  involved in relief operations in managing their networks.

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