Best-in-class companies utilize the best data. Lagging load board data won’t cut it anymore.

Easily optimize lanes, rates, and stay ahead of market uncertainty with SONAR, the only platform that monitors contract and spot market activity.

When it comes to driving your business forward, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision based on stale load board data.
Relying on stale data means you have to work harder to achieve an understanding of what is really happening with freight rates. Limited visibility to combat recession means improving margin is more of a hope than a plan. With SONAR you can:

  • Increase visibility to freight supply and demand movements to make proactive and strategic decisions
  • Boost competitive advantage and improve margins with robust, dynamic, and comprehensive freight market data
  • Move freight faster and improve margins with the freshest freight market data

Don’t stunt business growth with limited data in today’s economy.

Chat with a SONAR expert to discover how high-frequency trucking demand and rate data can help you navigate volatility and improve your bottom line.

The results are undeniable.

“SONAR gives us detailed market data so that we can act proactively to manage our freight spend. The best thing about this is the ability to use SONAR data to react quickly to market changes.”

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SONAR SCI Customer

“SONAR helps employee morale; they have the real vision of the freight market they can rely on.”

President & CEO

“The initial results were better than expected, generating a 10% savings in transportation spend. Overall exposure to the spot market was roughly cut in half, from 20% to 11%.”
FreightWaves SONAR logo

SONAR SCI Customer

Leverage point of sale freight data to create a superior supply chain strategy.

Don’t jeopardize your business growth relying on load board data alone. Navigate market disruptions and pivot strategically with SONAR’s user-friendly dashboards. Utilize SONAR’s best-in-class data and analytics to justify decision-making, mitigate risk, and maximize margins.

  • Access data from over $100 billion of transportation invoices
  • Unlock rates paid out to brokers and carriers from freight invoices collected every night
  • Quickly calculate rates based on user-driven margin calculations to show all-in buy and sell rates
a screenshot of a SONAR dashboard

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