Stay on top of supply chain conditions across the global supply chain with high-frequency freight market data.

SONAR’s customizable features and alerts provide users the personalized views necessary to effortlessly monitor and quickly assess the market conditions that matter most to their businesses.

SONAR Alerts Management gives you the ability to set parameters based on your own company’s needs. Each morning you will get an email if the alerts were triggered that tells you what exactly is happening, allowing you to respond rapidly to movements in volume, rate, or capacity.

The ability to build custom dashboards to monitor supply chain data specific to your business and share the dashboards with colleagues allows SONAR users to communicate more effectively across teams, quickly reach consensus and tighten decision loops.


Identify hot markets, book more loads, and improve margins through daily monitoring of market conditions.



Keep your finger on the pulse of today’s freight market and improve your asset utilization, revenue, and reduce operating costs.



Monitor real time market condition data and drive positive impacts to your costs and overall supply chain.



SONAR provides an up-to-the-date view of market conditions and trends, helping users to mitigate risks and make data-driven decisions.

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