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The SONAR freight data intelligence platform empowers shippers, brokers, and carriers with the fastest, most granular global supply chain data on the market.


Optimize your retail transportation network with better data and intelligent RFPs


Cut transportation costs intelligently with high-frequency data


Optimize freight cost and service in your network with high-frequency data


Derisk your health care supply chain with high-frequency freight data

Paper & Packaging

Balance cost and service with better freight procurement


Leverage SONAR supply chain data as a leading indicator in the economy

Other Industries

Use SCI to balance cost and service and hold your supply chain partners accountable.

Broker / 3PL

Use SONAR to widen margins, win more freight, benchmark against the market, and forecast contract and spot rates.


Use SONAR to maximize trucking rates and fleet utilization while minimizing operating costs.
Use Cases

How carriers use SONAR

Spot market carriers, contract OTR carriers, and dedicated fleets are all seeking to maintain profitability while meeting shippers’ needs.

How enterprise shippers use SONAR

Advanced and enterprise apply SONAR use cases to streamline GTM and keep freight bidding and spend under control.

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Looking to measure capacity?
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