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The SONAR freight data intelligence platform empowers supply chain leaders to balance the optimization of rates and transportation reliability to increase the efficiency of their company’s supply chains.


Use SONAR to develop a more accurate and dependable supply chain strategy and forecast disruption.

Broker / 3PL

Use SONAR to maximize freight margins, benchmark the freight market, and forecast contract and spot rates.


Use SONAR to maximize trucking rates, fleet utilization, and to minimize operating costs.


SONAR helps financial analysts and investors proactively manage market fluctuations. Utilize truckload rates for a real-time proxy for the health of the national supply chain.
Use Cases

How carriers use SONAR

Spot market carriers, contract OTR carriers, and dedicated fleets are all seeking to maintain profitability while meeting shippers’ needs.

How brokers use SONAR

A freight brokerage can use SONAR across its entire organization – from floor-level, commercially-facing contributors all the way to through C-suite reports.

How enterprise shippers use SONAR

Advanced and enterprise apply SONAR use cases to streamline GTM and keep freight bidding and spend under control.
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