How shippers can utilize SONAR 6.0


Mission Control

Mission Control is powered by FreightWaves SONAR data and the FreightWavesTV video platform, with content delivered from experts across the industry. 

You have the opportunity to choose the most critical insights, derived from billions of data points generated each day, and deliver them to your decision-makers. These timely insights will help you navigate market changes.

You are able to tailor your dashboard to show the most relevant videos, commercials and data sets, on your own custom display. Integrate with API for a completely custom experience!


SONAR Signals Open API

SONAR Signals Open API will change the way freight professionals make pricing decisions. 

Our proprietary algorithms use a variety of datasets, such as historical volumes and tender rejections, as well as previously assessed spot rates found in SONAR to create a custom pricing power score.

You can integrate the power of SONAR’s real-time freight data into your own commercial software or Transportation Management System, and this will only take you about 5 minutes. SONAR Signals Open API clearly displays who holds the pricing power in the markets that matter most to your business. Depending on current market dynamics, that power may reside heavily in your hands or your carrier’s, now you can get ahead of challenging conditions. 

Being able to have this display for all logistics management teams will help your company be more efficient and keep your freight moving off your docks.  

Also, did we mention this is completely FREE?


Lane Signal

Lane Signal is the simple answer in a chaotic freight market. Making timely, accurate decisions is as simple as knowing your origin and destination. Lane signal is the easiest way to get a near-time answer on who has the pricing power in a specific market. 

As a shipper you cannot move your facilities, so knowing what is happening in your specific market of interest every day is going to help you save money. This can also help you get ahead of any service failures you might run into, along with a loss of capacity in certain markets. 

Knowing of capacity constraints, rate increases and your pricing power in your markets of interest as near-time as the day before and now even into the future with Lane Signals forecasted rates, you will be able to adjust your planning and inturn save capital. This will help you combat any supply chain disruptions and be able to make more informed decisions.


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