How can SONAR help me if I'm involved in Rail/Intermodal?


What Matters

  • Real time rate fluctuation
  • Comparison of rates versus truck load rates
  • Granular rail operating metrics
  • Asset utilization and timely asset location planning
  • Service and Pricing

SONAR Delivers

  • Weekly rail traffic data from the 7 Class 1 railroads broken down by commodity type
  • Weekly intermodal rates by lane and intermodal daily volumes of all containers (empty/loaded)
  • Real time visibility into the effects of interaction between all modes of transportation
  • Visibility into capacity demand at national, market, and lane levels
  • Rail velocity and terminal dwell by railroad, region and commodity type
  • Lease rate for the major railcar categories


  • Decide which mode is best for you
  • Better understand real-time rail traffic economic indicators, particularly for the industrial economy
  • Improve service, costs, utilization, and efficiencies
  • Quickly take action with complete visibility of the interaction of Truck Load, Maritime, Air, and Rail and Intermodal activity and demand fluctuations
  • The industry’s best analytics platform for all aspects of the global supply chain

FreightWaves SONAR delivers the fastest and most comprehensive view of rail and intermodal traffic, one of the best real-time indicators of economic activity and essential to efficient supply chains. Data sets include the seven Class 1 railroads by commodity type, intermodal rates by lane, daily volumes of all rail cars, containers, and TOFC, and railcar lease rates, and so much more.

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