How can SONAR help me if I'm involved in Air Cargo?


What Matters

  • Air cargo is a leading indicator for confidence in the economy, economic growth and economic contraction
  • Access to proprietary airport wait times

SONAR Delivers

  • Weekly and monthly air cargo rate trends in major global markets
  • Weekly air cargo capacity trends for freighter and passenger wide-body aircraft
  • Monthly trade volumes by air by airport, import/export and commodity
  • The industry’s best analytics platform for all aspects of the global supply chain


  • SONAR allows users to view air cargo data that isn’t available anywhere else, all in one easy-to-use platform

Air cargo is vital to the transportation industry. In fact, 35% of the value of world trade moves by air, despite the current fragmentation of air cargo data. SONAR puts this disparate data in one freight forecasting platform, allowing users to track airport congestion, weekly and monthly air cargo rate trends, airport truck wait times, trade volumes by commodity, delays, traffic in near real-time, and so much more. 

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