Zaro Transportation Leverages SONAR to Augment Its Rate Model and Manages Freight Better

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Zaro Transportation is a Laredo, Texas-based transportation company that provides door-to-door freight services and coverage throughout Mexico and the United States, crossing through the port of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. Zaro Transportation provides transportation and brokerage services that emphasize the care of delicate loads, non-trans-shippable equipment, speed of service, and peace of mind to customers who know where their cargo is at any time, thanks to its website and geolocation technology.

As supply chains grow more complex and pressure-driven in the current market, the need to maintain a strong competitive advantage has never been more important. All shippers are looking for the best solution and freight broker to connect with more carriers, lanes, and capacity. And carriers are looking for brokers that offer competitive, lucrative freight rates and don’t undercut profitability.

Zaro Transportation offers better service and data-driven rates due to SONAR among other initiatives to include:

  • The company needed to emphasize its value to maintain profitability during disruption.
  • Frontline workers needed a way to benchmark performance.
  • Automating workflows, improving service levels, and expanding operations.
  • Using SONAR’s Predictive Rates tool to generate accurate shippers’ prices and offering more competitive rates to LSPs and carriers.
  • Using SONAR’s benchmarking capabilities to measure how well the company is performing compared to peers. 
  • Leveraging the Outbound Tender Rejection Index (OTRI) and Inbound Tender Rejection Index (ITRI), to determine which tendered loads are likely to result in rejection.
We do our utmost to provide our teams with the freedom to decide and operate as they see fit, which includes giving them the authority to make changes to workflows and the application of technology to manage interactions. Using SONAR, we can understand the value of an asset-based carrier from an internal and external view. And we are continuously using SONAR data to improve our internal rate model and the algorithms that power it. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to additional uses of SONAR to grow our business and meet the demands of that growth.
kunal dovedy zaro transportation
Kunal Dovedy
Director of Innovation, Zaro Transportation