Co-hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor discuss why freight brokers are overpaying their carriers to haul loads during the first week of 2021 on this episode of #WithSONAR. 

Falasca and Taylor explain the value of real-time data as market conditions have changed since the holidays. Because SONAR provides real-time data, its data is more up-to-date than many of the rate assessment tools that are still showing pre-Christmas freight rates. As FreightWaves and SONAR have shown over the past several years, the freight market is always changing, which is why carriers, brokers, shippers and analysts need SONAR – the freight forecasting platform with the most current data and insights.

Watch the episode below:

SONAR trucking rates provide unparalleled visibility into freight market conditions, trends in rates, volumes, demand and capacity and empower subscribers to take action across all modes of transport.

The show’s co-hosts also reviewed the weekly changes in tender rejections and headhaul indices to show the areas of the country experiencing significant changes in market conditions – and how those changes will translate into rate movements. Rates in many parts of the United States are still elevated during the first week of the year due to 2020’s Christmas and New Year’s holidays. However, by using SONAR brokers would know where to push rates down to expand their margins using the platform’s real-time data.

Know more, faster – and find just what you need #withSONAR’s freight intelligence around the activities and hallmarks of the freight market!

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