[WHITE PAPER] How to empower your network with routing guide compliance

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Big data in the supply chain is nothing new. Nearly every shipper, broker and carrier collects and uses data to derive insights, including predictive rates. And as reported by Supply Chain 24/7, “Leveraging technology, shippers are able to see regional trends and specific lane cost information, as well as driver preferences, while carriers have access to details like loading/unloading times and lane history data.” And routing guide compliance is among the top reasons that today’s shippers experience strife and stress in supply chain management.

To help enterprise shippers find and overcome these risks, analytics can help. But analytics is a complicated topic, and knowing how to apply them can be difficult at best. To simplify the process, using SONAR SCI Lane Acuity along the way, and pinpoint the top resources to achieve that goal, this white paper will explore:

  • The problems in routing guide compliance created by lagging data. 
  • The value created with real-time data and right-now lane-level analysis to enforce compliance. 
  • How combining different metrics amounts to more proactive and successful tactical supply chain management.

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