All three major modes of transportation maritime, intermodal and truckload all have very different peak season timelines. 

The maritime sector has been operating at peak season-like levels for much of the past year. Traditional maritime peak season has passed, with goods needed for the holiday season already stateside. Traditionally, intermodal volumes peak in October before declining in both November and December. Truckload peaks last, with volumes starting to ramp up in early November and peaking around Black Friday.

The ability to navigate through peak season in an efficient, cost-effective way is vital for both shippers and carriers, especially when the market is as volatile as it has been during the past year and a half. Ultimately, goods still need to be on the shelves ahead of the peak retail season, but understanding how peak season shifts between modes based on timing lets shippers make informed decisions around mode shifts and the costs associated with the shifts.

The free white paper, Peak Season Forecast: Another truckload capacity crunch, highlights SONAR data to show how we believe peak season will manifest. The white paper calls attention to:

  • Where freight markets currently stand
  • The outlook for peak season in all three modes
  • The biggest risks to each mode’s outlook

Download the free white paper to understand how FreightWaves’ SONAR platform can put both shippers and carriers in positions to navigate peak season in the most efficient way. 


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