[WHITE PAPER] How to Leverage Data to Enhance and Strengthen Decisions in Volatile Freight Markets

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For all freight management segments, navigating a volatile freight market’s complexities stand out as a leading disruption of 2020. This year has taught freight management experts and leaders that nothing is set in stone. Market uncertainty can spin on a dime. 

Brokerages, freight forwarders, shippers, carriers, and other logistics service providers (LSPs) need to realize that the only way forward lies in the proper application of data and a robust freight tech stack. After all, applying freight management data can enhance and strengthen decisions regardless of the market conditions and when they change.

What is on track to become the biggest peak season in history is upon us, and shippers and freight management segments need to know a few things about the application of data to enhance and strengthen decision-making. To that end, this white paper will explore:

  • The problems that appear from a lack of data and transparency in decision-making. 
  • Using data to overcome most obstacles in the freight market and recapture revenue. 
  • Extra best practices or tips to maximize ROI and streamline management in any freight market, including disruptive ones.

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