On this episode of #WithSONAR, current SONAR subscriber Greg Morrow, the Director of Operations for ARL Logistics, discusses the importance of using data to grow and strengthen carrier and customer relationships with co-hosts Kyle Taylor and Luke Falasca. 

ARL Logistics is part of the ARL Network, which also includes ARL Transport, Veterans Logistics and MIA Safety. ARL Network is headquartered in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, which is a northwestern suburb of Pittsburgh. 

Watch the episode below:

The foundation of ARL Transport’s efficient transportation management is ARL Logistics, a value-added, third-party logistics company. This division is fueled by leading-edge technology that allows manufacturers to outsource freight to ARL Logistics team members, streamlining activities within its database of over 5,000 prequalified, experienced carriers.

Morrow goes into detail about how ARL Logistics uses SONAR to provide its front-line workers with greater visibility to boost productivity and revenue. When rate changes need to be made, ARL uses SONAR data to provide transparency to its customers. ARL shows them “the why behind the what.” While Morrow believes ARL has fair rates, that isn’t enough; it needs the data behind the rates. SONAR provides that data.

SONAR is the only freight forecasting platform that combines contract tender data with spot rate data to create predictive freight rates. Plus, SONAR uses artificial intelligence to develop consistently updated forecasts to give subscribers the most reliable predictions of where trucking spot rates, supply chain demand and logistics capacity are headed over the next 12 months. 

SONAR combines historical freight market data with real-time market activity to offer logistics rate forecasts, spot rate forecasts, forecasted freight rates, and visibility into the freight marketplace.

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