Trucking data is not enough in unprecedented times

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Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

FreightWaves’ Lead Economist Anthony Smith and Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent talk about how important macroeconomic data is when trying to forecast capacity demand.

With SONAR, a user has access to truckload and market data in any of 135 key markets in the U.S. But that user also has critical information from industry verticals and historical and near-time economic data to find opportunities, avoid hurdles and forecast supply and demand for all modes of surface transportation.

Watch the episode below:

Economic reports are full of data, the importance of human sentiment, interpretation and expert opinion when analyzing data trends cannot be understated. However, SONAR is controlled by the user, who can customize the data sets to develop information and intelligence to help benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast any segment of the market.   

SONAR has billions of data points, 150,000 indices and can provide local, national and even global information. But what makes SONAR special is the ability to customize it just for your uses. You may need to know about air or ship cargo coming from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Or you need information on tomorrow’s diesel prices in 10 key U.S. markets. Or perhaps all you care about are the trucking lanes from Chicago to your key markets. That customization is what makes SONAR so very special – and can make it so useful to your business. 

Know more, faster – and find just what you need with SONAR!