[WHITE PAPER] The 2021 trucking carrier outlook: Planning for asset utilization, pricing and volumes in uncertain times

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FreightWaves’ Todd Maiden said it best in early December:

“Several analysts have published transportation outlook reports for 2021 that are calling for continued strength in the trucking markets. Some are expecting the favorable truckload fundamentals that were in place in the back half of 2020 to continue unchanged through 2021. However, others believe the TL trade has grown long in the tooth and are pivoting to a more meaningful industrial recovery, which supports an improving freight environment for less-than-truckload carriers and the railroads.”

Just as there were many unknowns regarding people who spent more time at home and shifted to a remote work lifestyle, many questions remain around what the economy will look like when the post-COVID-19 era begins.

It’s important to realize that the uncertainty itself is not the sole problem among many carriers; it’s a limited view and inability to understand and apply advanced analytics to gain strategic positioning. To help freight managers and transportation service providers grow more strategic, this white paper will explore the top three consequences of uncertainty in the trucking carrier market outlook, including:

  • The problem with capacity in a post-peak amid e-commerce growth.
  • Pricing uncertainty in the first half of 2021.
  • Shipping volume expectations and the risk of increased tender rejections.

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