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On the episode you’ll hear:

  • How does Ed define the industry question: “what is digital freight matching?”
  • Is newtrul a digital freight matching platform?
  • Why are we seeing the rise of these types of platforms?
  • Load boards have been around for years, what’s the difference between what newtrul is, or any other digital freight matching platform, and a load board?
  • What is “meaningful carrier density” and why is that really the phrase the industry should focus on when it comes to building out their carrier network to consistently find capacity?
  • Why did newtrul about an integration strategy early on and is this how all freight technology companies should be thinking moving forward?
  • Is there a point where automation isn’t always necessary and human execution is still critical? Does automation have its place, and where is that?
  • What’s next beyond digital freight enablement tools? What will the future look like in say a year from now when the market is data-rich, automate, and hyper-efficient? Will we all no longer need to solve anything?

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Digital Freight Matching, Aggregation, and Value of Integration

On this episode of stackd, powered by FreightWaves SONAR, hear a discussion between stackd host, Adam Robinson, VP of Product Marketing at FreightWaves, and Ed Stockman, CEO at newtrul as they address the rise of digital freight matching platforms and the critical need to automate freight booking and the benefits of APIs and integrations in freight technology.

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