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On the episode you’ll hear:

  • What’s Eytan’s journey to the world of freight and what is Freightos all about?
  • What is the Freightos Baltic Index and why this index is critical for not only those who ship containerize ocean freight but also those who may be interested in seeing what is coming into US ports and planning for inland moves?
  • What Freightos’ customers are using technology to 1. find capacity in a container, 2. make the process of procurement more efficient by mitigating transportation risk, and 3. reduce costs?
  • What is the role of technology to aid in more collaborative discussions that allow parties to work together towards hedging overall transportation risk amidst disruptions?
  • What is the evolution of the use of technology to aid in making freight management more efficient?
  • How will technology aid companies not only in managing these huge disruptions to the supply chain, but also allow them to focus on more than just surviving, but big initiatives like reducing carbon emissions, better packaging, or not wasting space on a container or truck?

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Using Freight Tech to Hedge Transportation Risk

Welcome to another episode of “stackd,” the show hosted by FreightWaves VP of Product Marketing, Adam Robinson, where listeners will hear from leaders, innovators, and practitioners in the world of freight to discuss the role of technology to provide efficiency, cost reduction, hedge transportation risk and competitive advantage.

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On this episode of stackd, powered by FreightWaves SONAR, hear Adam Robinson, VP of Product Marketing at FreightWaves and Eytan Buchman, Chief Marketing Officer of Freightos, discuss freight technology’s role to proactively hedge transportation risks and disruptions in the supply chain. The pair will discuss the recent port congestion and how the use of freight indices and analytics are aiding freight market participants to collaborate to keep freight moving, lower operational costs and ensure profits are realized by all parties.


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