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  • How should the industry define digital transformation? Is that a term that’s been used too often in the supply chain over the last 12 months and people just gloss over it? How can we get practitioners to really embrace the idea of digital transformation?
  • How does Comdata see drivers gravitating towards technology use and what are the core benefits?
  • Are payments the next big thing in transportation? Is factoring on the way out? Why or why not?
  • What are some of the challenges that supply chain professionals face when adding on NEW technologies and then making them interoperable with the technology they have in place and how can they see success? Is it hiring a team of IT folks? Is it incumbent on the tech provider? 
  • What’s next for the freight industry around digital transformation? What does tech adoption look like over the next 12 months and what will the primary focus be for the industry in using technology?

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How to think about digital transformation in the supply chain

On this episode of stackd, powered by FreightWaves SONAR, hear Adam Robinson, VP of Product Marketing at FreightWaves and Justin King, Head of Product Innovation at Comdata. Today Justin and I will have a discussion about the push towards digital transformation in freight, logistics, and the supply chain. We’ll have a great discussion on how to define and think about digital transformation, the challenges involved, technologies role in bringing the driver into the freight tech ecosystem, how technology is shortening the payment clock, the importance of interoperability in the tech stack, and finally, Justin’s thoughts on what is next for the industry.



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