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On the episode you’ll hear:

  • Why should freight market participants like shippers, brokers, and carriers 1, care about collaboration in the supply chain and 2. How can they use technology to enable collaboration within a tech platform like Turvo so it’s also contextual, since collaboration or “conversations’ may happen, but why should it happen alongside the processes from order to cash?
  • Why are logistics service providers and shippers making investments in collaborative technology platforms, and how will they pay off?
  • How is technology enabling strategic conversations at the order level to happen faster and for the freight department to work seamlessly with procurement on the inbound side and sales on the outbound side to optimize freight shipping?
  • How do we digitize all the players in the supply chain network? How do you convince everyone in the network to get on board with technology so that they can collaborate, especially within one platform like Turvo? And why is digitizing the supply chain network vital moving forward for our industry?
  • Are analytics and the mainstream use of them in the supply chain, but especially freight, a must-have and why?
  • What are the real-world benefits of using technology that begets more collaboration?

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How freight tech enables collaboration and customer experience at scale

On this episode of stackd, powered by FreightWaves SONAR, hear a discussion between host Adam Robinson, VP of Product Marketing at FreightWaves, and Jeff Graan, VP of Sales Engineering at Turvo, a multi-enterprise supply chain business network. The pair will talk about how the supply chain industry is moving beyond the table stakes of TMS and turning to network like technology platforms that go further upstream into the supply chain, enabling strong supply chain collaboration amongst all trading partners, putting the supply chain at the heart of their customer experience strategy.

Be sure to check out their forthcoming webinar, “Reimagining the Supply Chain to Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences” on April 8th, 2021. 


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