Over the past two years, RFP management has been extremely challenging as freight rates have risen to new all-time highs, giving rise to mini-bids. Developing and reviewing RFPs is a tedious process with limited visibility into the whole market. However, understanding the market dynamics in a shipper’s network helps ease the stress of the RFP management process.

Shippers’ transportation budgets are under immense pressure, and those responsible are focused on not blowing out the budget even as freight demand continues to grow almost daily. Tools that allow shippers to have actionable insights into data that is impacting their networks have become increasingly important during the past couple of years. 

The free white paper, SONAR SCI: use for RFP management, shows how FreightWaves’ SONAR and Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) platforms assists shippers through the RFP management process. Key areas in which SCI provides aid to shippers in the RFP process include:

  • Understanding troubled lanes where the largest cost management opportunities lie
  • Isolating network-specific issues leading to more targeted conversations
  • Focusing bid management efforts on the highest return opportunities
  • Identifying where allocating the transportation budget will produce the most value

Download the free white paper to understand how FreightWaves’ SONAR and SCI platforms allow shippers to have more targeted conversations throughout the RFP process.


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