Tampa-based ReedTMS Logistics is a family-owned and operated asset-based third-party logistics provider (3PL) that has been in business for more than 20 years. Combining a robust 3PL business and a mixed 3PL asset division, the company has improved its present circumstances and helped ready itself for the future with FreightWaves’ SONAR-driven decision -making. The company’s services include brokerage, produce transportation, asset-based services, freight management and dedicated services, all delivered with a 24/7 support network. ReedTMS Logistics manages over 125,000 shipments annually for more than 600 customers from a variety of industries using multiple transportation modes.

Like all freight management parties, ReedTMS responded to the market dynamics in 2018 by looking for a better solution to the freight data challenge. Instead of hoping freight rates and bookings would remain steady and consistent, ReedTMS has equipped its frontline staff with informed decision-making by employing SONAR. It’s a significant advantage in proactively planning and exploring new opportunities to conserve resources and maximize profitability.

 ReedTMS  applies the following SONAR features to reap a stronger value proposition:

  • Using custom pages and reports to focus on high-priority markets.
  • Applying SONAR’s various indices, including OTVI, ITVI, ITRI, OTRI and many more to understand market dynamics.
  • Setting competitive rates with Lane Signal data to manage routes better.
  • Using Mission Control to understand market fluctuations.
  • Employing charts to quickly gauge changing conditions and recognize warming and cooling markets. 
  • Applying Critical Events information to avoid unexpected delays and better enable transportation optimization. 
  • Continuously learning more about the value of data to expand brokerage services via FreightWaves Passport.
“SONAR is innovating faster than anything else. Trucking historically has been slow to innovate, but the freight community is able to leverage data in new ways to compete, open new revenue streams and build out more value in supply chain efficacy.”
Josh Jongko
Josh Jongko
ReedTMS Strategic Solutions Manager
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