Kyle Lintner, Principal and Managing Partner at K-Ratio, joins Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent in a discussion of key market indicators and what they are saying about the fourth quarter of 2020. 

Kyle and Michael also discuss key FreightWaves SONAR features the Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI), the Inbound Tender Rejection Index (ITRI), charts and heat maps. For example, OTVI is SONAR’s proprietary index of daily accepted full truckload tender volumes from across the nation and in 135 markets across the country. Increased volumes signify an increase in demand for capacity, while a decrease suggests the opposite.

Michael and Kyle also delve into the ripple effect or interplay between markets and across modes. They also look at the recent updates to SONAR’s Ocean Shipments Report and its dashboards. The main point they agree on is that even if you are not geographically located in a specific market or involved in another mode like ocean or intermodal, these markets and modes still can have a dramatic impact on your business.

As a full-service risk management firm, K-Ratio provides solutions for shipper customers, carriers and 3PLs by implementing aligned strategies to reduce the price volatility associated with the movement of freight over the road. The company is a team of finance, mathematics and logistics experts that provide analysis, advisory and execution services tailored to meet business objectives and remove price uncertainty.

K-Ratio was named to the 2020 FreightWaves FreightTech 100 for its innovation and disruption in the freight industry. Additionally, K-Ratio was voted “Best In Show” for demonstrating its proprietary “card” service at FreightWaves LIVE:Chicago. The “card” is a visual representation of data extracted from a company’s transportation management software with the goal of showcasing data above biased storytelling and gut instincts. 

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