Zach Strickland, FreightWaves’ Director of Freight Market Intelligence (and the “Sultan of SONAR”), joins Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent on this episode. Zach and Michael discuss the new SONAR 7.0 release and its new features, which include Lane Scorecard, Ocean Shipments Report and Reefer Rates (beta).

Watch the episode below:

Lane Scorecard can uncomplicate a SONAR subscriber’s day with simple lane scoring. Whether an API or a UI user, Lane Scorecard is the solution. It’s as simple as downloading the template and uploading your data. View up to 200 of your most critical lanes, in a simple scorecard. All you need is the 3- or 5-digit zip code to get started. 

With Lane Scorecard, a SONAR subscriber can: improve pre-RFP strategy analysis; pinpoint new market opportunities; and identify ‘risk premiums’ on volatile lanes. Moreover, for the first time ever, you can now download your results directly from SONAR. Lane Scorecard offers a template to add your zips. 

The second addition to SONAR is the Ocean Shipments Report app. Decisions are only as strong as your data, and week-old prices and volumes give you little to no time to plan. SONAR’s new and proprietary Ocean Shipments Report gives you the unique opportunity to be the first to know what is happening with maritime shipments. 

With the Ocean Shipments Report, a SONAR subscriber can: visualize import and export container flow; filter by trade country, U.S. port or carrier; and plan 7 days in advance.

The third addition to SONAR is Reefer Rates (beta). The SONAR predictive rating tool has a major upgrade. One of the most popular features in SONAR has been refined to include reefer prices. Reefer Rates is still in beta mode; but now you can: strategize with historical ratios; leverage current reefer market trends; and strengthen price negotiations

Know more, faster – and find just what you need with SONAR!

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