Nussbaum Transportation Services has a rich history that goes back to its founding in Fairbury, Illinois. Operating as an employee-owned organization since 2018, Nussbaum provides a variety of brokerage services as an asset-based carrier. The company offers multi-stop, round-trip, power-only and irregular truck route transportation and services to various industries. Today, the company is headquartered in Hudson, Illinois, with service to all 48 lower contiguous states.

Nussbaum has built a reputation for moving expensive, high-volume products, including furniture, appliances and equipment parts. And with an added emphasis on quality pay and treatment for drivers, Nussbaum needed a way to ensure those goals were always attainable while keeping freight rates within reason. And as a company with a reputation for highly motivated drivers and above-par service, the ability to perform long-haul moves strategically was a driving force behind Nussbaum’s decision to invest in SONAR.

Nussbaum Transportation Services adds value throughout its enterprise and uses data proactively to manage pricing strategies. Today, top uses of SONAR at Nussbaum include:

  • Daily updates to show capacity changes in the market. 
  • Capturing tender volumes and rejection rates across different markets in chart views.
  • Providing map views of the U.S. to help operations managers create more strategic value.
  • Applying freight rate predictions to ensure Nussbaum can offer competitive pricing without undercutting margins.
  • Increased bidding accuracy to ensure clients’ expectations are met and RFP responses/quotes for spot moves are readily available.
  • Future deployment will use APIs to capture data and analysis from SONAR and apply the information to identify trends within Nussbaum’s existing, branded systems to boost all back-office functions.
“Being able to see more about what’s happening within the market and the pricing surrounding our priority moves, I can help keep all our team members informed and strategic. We are actively using SONAR data and charts to provide daily updates to our team members and continuously adding value throughout deployment as time progresses.”
Tyler Dietrich
Director of Pricing at Nussbaum Transportation Services.
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