[WHITE PAPER] How lane by lane analysis at scale promotes strategic and tactical transportation management

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lane by lane analysis to improve transportation management

How effective are you at lane-by-lane planning and getting deep insights to aid in freight spend planning, mini-bids, and other long-term contracts in your organization? For instance, if you know more detail and have insights around freight market volatility, you can assess the risk in every lane and its effect on tender acceptance, providing the ability to drill down into meaningful steps that are clearly defined to improve transportation management.

That’s where SONAR SCI Lane Acuity can add the most value and prepare enterprise shippers for true, future-ready bidding strategies. 

Lane Acuity helps you know how difficult it is to cover loads for a given lane and using that information to your advantage in bidding and day-to-day operations.

To help shippers understand the value of data-driven bidding in the short- and long-term, powered by Lane Acuity, this white paper will explore:

  • Common problems in managing annual RFP processes for enterprise shippers.
  • How contract data amounts to tactical bidding management. 
  • How to use data to stay strategic and lower costs across the board.


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