Kingsgate Logistics Uses FreightWaves SONAR to Automate Workflows, Improve Service Levels, & Grow Business

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View the Full Case Study Kingsgate Logistics is a non-asset based, third-party logistics provider (3PL) that offers a full scope of logistics services facilitated by leading-edge technology and provides truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), expedited, intermodal and international shipping. Ohio-based Kingsgate Logistics’ formula to be a successful 3PL is “one part near-term and two parts long-term.” The company’s industry-leading technology keeps its customers on top of the ever-shifting factors affecting transportation. Kingsgate began using FreightWaves SONAR’s data and insights to help power its business. A key reason that Kingsgate chose SONAR, the industry’s premier freight forecasting platform, was the depth and breadth of data available through SONAR. SONAR-Kingsgate-Logistics-Case-Study-Social-6 Kingsgate applies SONAR’s data and analytics on behalf of its customers in addition to its own proprietary software. SONAR-related initiatives include: 
  • SONAR is used in conjunction with its McLeod Software transportation management system.
  • As a 3PL that services the entire United States, Kingsgate uses SONAR’s national data and analysis for information on all 135 major freight markets.
  • SONAR’s Predictive Rates tool is a key feature used by Kingsgate to generate accurate pricing for RFPs/RFQs.
  • The SONAR Lane Signals feature provides internal information that is also shared with customers and prospects.
  • At about the same time the pandemic lockdowns began, Kingsgate started sending its customers and prospects a weekly market update email that contains key information obtained from SONAR. 
  • SONAR’s chatbot feature sends automated messages daily to Kingsgate’s dispatchers, letting them know that specific loads have been covered. 
  • Kingsgate was one of the first companies to begin using FreightWaves Mission Control system after it was introduced in May.
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