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  • How do we as technology providers reduce the amount of noise for potential buyers of these platforms and provide a simple message to the market?
  • How are those who are very good at freight procurement also get really good at data analysis? Are companies now employing more analysts and data scientists? How are professionals supposed to use data to improve their desired outcomes such as reduced costs, faster delivery times, and making customers feel taken care of in the shipping process?
  • What is the future of sustainable freight shipping? How is Flock seeing that through?
  • How does the shared truckload model benefit shippers and carriers?
  • How does Flock Freight use algorithms to guarantee shared truckload and thereby help carriers utilize their trailers more effectively but also allow brokers and shippers to find capacity?

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Welcome to another episode of “stackd,” the show hosted by FreightWaves VP of Product Marketing, Adam Robinson, where listeners will hear from leaders, innovators, and practitioners in the world of freight to discuss the role of technology to provide efficiency, cost reduction, and competitive advantage.

In this episode, hear about the role of technology & data to bring about innovations in the freight shipping industry.

Freight technology leaders are transforming freight shipping by using machine learning and data science to offer new shipping modes. stackd host Adam Robinson, VP Of Product Marketing at FreightWaves, interviews Flock Freight CEO, Oren Zaslansky to talk about how technology and data allowed the company to bring about a new freight shipping model for the first time in decades for the over the road market, Shared Truckload.


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