Co-hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor discuss how shippers can reduce their exposure to volatility in the market on this episode of #WithSONAR. 

Falasca and Taylor also discuss how shippers can reduce network risk by using SONAR’s various forecasting tools to give visibility into key metrics.

Whether the freight market is tight or loose, whether freight rates are higher or lower, there is a single constant: the freight market is always changing. Because that is true, that is why shippers, brokers and carriers need FreightWaves SONAR – the freight forecasting platform with the most current data and insights.

Watch the episode below:

SONAR tracks daily activities in the domestic and global freight markets, with data generated from thousands of exclusive sources with more than $200 billion of contract freight transactions. SONAR offers historical and current freight rate, demand and capacity index data across all modes. The industry’s first and fastest platform uses current tender rejection rates to create the most current freight activity and logistics rate indices in the market.

The only freight forecasting platform that combines contract tender data with spot rate data, SONAR creates predictive freight rates. Plus, SONAR uses artificial intelligence to develop consistently updated forecasts to give you the most reliable predictions of where trucking spot rates, supply chain demand and logistics capacity are headed over the next 12 months. 

Rather than relying on one set of data, SONAR is the only freight market analytics platform that offers logistics rate forecasts, spot rate forecasts, forecasted freight rates, and visibility into the freight marketplace – at local, state, national and global levels. The SONAR freight forecasting model is the only one in the market that uses tenders from the contract marketplace to track real-time freight market capacity and demand.

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