How much do freight brokers get paid? Infographic

How much do freight brokers get paid? Infographic

Freight Brokerage Location

  • According to a survey of 219 freight brokers, the most popular locations to start or open a new freight brokerage are: Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Austin, Texas.  
    • The three most expensive cities to locate a freight brokerage are: New York, Seattle and Dallas. 
    • The three least expensive cities to open a freight brokerage are: Nashville,  Northeastern Arkansas and Birmingham, Alabama.  

Freight Broker Compensation 

  • The national median base salary for entry-level freight brokers is $43,285 according to data collected from LinkedIn and Glassdoor. 
  • According to a survey of 402 freight brokers, the median base salary for entry-level freight brokers is $40,000. 
    • Freight brokers in the same survey had a median commission rate of 13% on gross margins. 

Freight Broker Talent  

  • The most popular (top choice by two out of three freight brokers surveyed) definition of talent is defined as a combination of: 
    • Tenacity
    • Hustle
    • Persistence
  • Cold calling and networking are still the most popular methods for generating sales, even with the wave of automation that is transforming the freight brokerage industry.

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