[WHITE PAPER] How Data Powers Freight Brokerage ROI: Increasing load execution and broker profitability

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According to a 2016 McKinsey & Company report:

“Data and analytics underpin several disruptive models. Introducing new types of data sets (”orthogonal data”) that can disrupt industries, and massive data integration capabilities can break through organizational and technological silos, enabling new insights and models. Above all, data and analytics can enable faster and more evidence-based decision-making.” 

When brokerages have access to the same information and insights, they can better position their assets to take advantage of the market. And that is true not only for asset-based companies. An asset can mean a frontline worker handling the phones looking to book as many loads as possible. Understanding market conditions can provide the insight that the worker needs to make split-second decisions and to inform customers with the latest information.

To help brokerages understand the value and application of data, this white paper will explore:

  • The benefits of actionable data insights for freight brokerages.
  • The importance of tracking market signals to manage rates.
  • How to apply data to maximize load execution and profitability.

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