[WHITE PAPER] FreightWaves SONAR: Full shipment lifecycle market data vs TMS vendor and paid-only forecasting

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Data has become an integral part of the supply chain network’s daily operations and is inseparable from the modern processes that govern procedures involved in transportation. Anything other than up-to-date, near-real-time freight data will make the work of the management team all the more difficult. And it can actually harm  the shipping and transportation process when inaccurate facts and insights govern critical decisions and judgment calls. 

According to Forbes’s analytical experts, this is why vital supply chain intelligence and a practical data analysis process will be essential for continued growth and success. How data facilitates access, analysis and application can affect short-term and long-term actions. Accurate processing and predictive planning remain critical for precise market data and shipment lifecycle forecasting. To further drill into those needs, this white paper will explore:

  • The ways outdated data may harm supply chain management. 
  • The value of actionable, near-real-time data.
  • Applying lane-level data to understand strategic positioning and minimize risks. 

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