While logging into a shipping data analytics engine like FreightWaves SONAR is an excellent way to keep tabs on the market, there’s another opportunity to stay in the know without being tied to a desk. And one of the easiest ways to keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends is to follow the available top freight podcasts. Managers, team members, and anyone involved in freight tracking, shipping, logistics or management can benefit from the information and insight provided in these great freight, logistics, and supply chain podcasts.

On LinkedIn, I asked my network what they thought were the top freight podcasts in the industry. Over 20,000 views, hundreds of reactions and comments later, it was clear the industry had a bunch of great favorites. 

In this blog post on the top freight podcast, I will first provide the top FreightWaves podcasts from the FreightCasts team headed up by the legendary Timothy Dooner. Then after that, I’ll provide what the team decided as the top freight podcasts around the industry to listen to. Without further ado….

Top FreightWaves FreightCast Podcasts

Featuring all FreightWaves’ podcasts all in one 1 feed + exclusives like “Supply Chain Spotlight” & “Midday market Update” in addition to FreightWaves LIVE: An Events Podcast put on during FreightWaves’ in-person and virtual events. Here are the top FreightWaves’ Freightcast Podcasts:

WHAT THE TRUCK?!?” is FreightWaves’ irreverent award-winning podcast breaking down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics. Join FreightWaves’ hosts Dooner and The Dude twice a week as they discuss all things freight. This freight podcast has quickly risen to “must-listen” status in the world of freight. The unique and compelling story teller, Timothy Dooner, is well known for his high energy and multiple live “wardrobe changes” brining a rich and storied background, as evidenced in his TedXChattanooga Talk here. The Dude, Michael Vincent, a long-time freight veteran rounds out Dooner’s high energy with witty one liners and makes you stay with the substance the Dude brings in his analysis of freight markets utilizing the freight forecasting platform, SONAR, to give listeners and viewers clarity to volatile freight markets.

#WithSONAR is technically a weekly FreightWaves TV show, but these days, many people listen to videos in the background like a podcast, so it counts. Join top SONAR Account Executives Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor as they explain the week’s freight markets using SONAR as their platform to educate the audience. Stay connected to experts within the industry and stay in the know with the latest information from leaders in shipping and freight. The show is packed with need-to-know insights that touch on essential phases and aspects of the shipping industry and its ever-changing focus, leveraging SONAR’s value as a freight data engine through and through.

At the crossroads of economics and freight there is Freightonomics. This show is hosted by FreightWaves market expert Zach Strickland and economist Anthony Smith. Join experts within the freight and shipping industry for down to earth discussions about everything related to the modern-day freight and shipping chain. This freight podcast covers topics big and small and delves into the finer workings and concepts which keep the industry rolling and any correlations found to the larger economy.

Dooner and Kevin Hill take you to freight sales school as they discuss pipelines, funnels, margin, psychology, social selling, and marketing with the top leaders in freight. Listen to honest discussions with the top leaders in freight sales & marketing for industry secrets and up to date industry information. This freight podcast is a must listen for freight leaders and sales professionals who are looking for tips to stay on top of their game.

Great Quarter, Guys covers the state of freight from a data driven research powered approach. FreightWaves FreightIntel Research Team dives deep into the numbers, surveys, and people who drive the decisions behind the nation’s movement of goods and the surface transportation of freight. Kevin Hill, Andrew Cox and special guests break it all down for you on a weekly basis. In addition to always dropping legendary dimes in the freight podcast, Andrew Cox is also at the helm of a “Point of Sale” a bi-weekly, retail-focused newsletter you can subscribe to here that launched alongside other FreightWaves’ Community newsletters found here. 

Fuller Speed Ahead is FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller’s deep dive interview show with top thought leaders in trucking, freight, supply chain, and FreightTech.

Other Freight Podcasts in the FreightWaves’ FreightCast Network

In addition to these five freight podcasts in the FreightWaves’ FreightCast Network, you may enjoy the following:

  • John Paul Hampstead & Zach Strickland in “On the Spot” discuss the freight markets, often using SONAR as a guide to where spot freight is going from week to week. Stick with On The Spot for weekly updates on the current market state.
  • Join John Kingston on “Drilling Deep.”  John has an almost 40-year career covering commodities, most of the time at S&P Global Platts. He created the Dated Brent benchmark, now the world’s most important crude oil marker. He was Director of Oil, Director of News, the editor in chief of Platts Oilgram News and the “talking head” for Platts on numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Fox Business and Canada’s BNN.
  • Navigate B2B with Steve Ferreira is a one of FreightWaves TV’s newest shows featuring Steve Ferreira, CEO of Ocean Audit. The show will aid B2B companies in navigating the ocean freight market.
  • FreightWaves Insiders is your inside look at the inner workings of the world of freight, a peek behind the scenes into the people who power your world. Hosted by Dooner. Listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

TOP Industry Freight PODCASTS

With the FreightWaves’ freight podcasts covered, let’s unveil our top list of freight podcasts around the industry to subscribe to now.

Chris Jolly‘s “Coffee w/The #FreightCoach” features conversations with the everyday person, by the ordinary person, presenting information in clear, concise and easy to understand ways for anyone involved in shipping. The freight podcast is about giving everyone a voice on a wide range of topics related to freight shipping and logistics. If you’re looking for reality with a real freight broker professional, you must subscribe to Jolly’s “Coffee w/#TheFreightCoach.”

This live video podcast features some industry heavy hitters as an ensemble presentation. Join Rhonda Bompensa-Zimmerman, PhD, Tony Darnell, T.J. Knudson, and Brandon Bay live on Youtube every Thursday night. For managers and drivers and everyone in-between, this freight podcast is about giving a voice and an outlet to those in the industry. Check out the podcast today and see why it is famous for offering anyone in freight and shipping a place to go for the latest news and information.

Discover the best honest freight podcast series for the next generation of drivers and managers. Aimed at younger members within the industry, learn about the newest trends and tips that will help new drivers and managers get the competitive edge.

On the Trucking for Millennials podcast, join hosts Michael Clements, Aaron Dunn, and the rest of the PDQ America team engage with what’s happening within our industry today and discover how the next generation of trucking and logistics professionals are impacting the supply chain.

Expect weekly topical discussions, expert interviews, and real stories from the people moving and managing freight across the country.

What started out as a community-driven show on LinkedIn Live early on in 2020, featuring several shows a week at first, and many industry players joining in to talk freight, Cassandra Gaines has built MADGaines with a community mindset. For transportation professionals MADGaines is a PERFECT podcast for shippers, brokers, and carriers.

Transportation lawyer turned consultant, Cassandra Gaines, brings all her shipper, broker and carrier friends together to talk about the major issues in the industry. Cassandra is building a community called #Madtropolis where everyone in the transportation industry can unite, collaborate, and support each other. 

Freight 360‘s tagline is simply “Let’s talk Freight!” which is apropos for the weekly podcast hosted by Benjamin Kowalski and Nate Cross where they talk about everyday strategic and tactical tips to aid shippers, brokers, and carriers better understand the freight market.

Freight 360 has a huge and growing fanbase that has great affinity for this freight podcast. Recalling the top of this post about asking my network who were the top freight podcasts, this podcast received the most votes and is clearly a must subscribe.

What started out as a blog over a decade ago as one of the first blogs in the logistics and freight industries, Joe Lynch‘s “The Logistics of Logistics” continues to pioneer content marketing efforts when he launched the podcast version of “The Logistics of Logistics.”

With well over 100 episodes, “The Logistics of Logistics” podcast is dedicated to exploring how things get places. Join Joe for conversations with the people who get them there. Joe talks with logistics and transportation industry leaders about innovation, technology, trends, and the future of freight.

FreightWaves’ own Adam Robinson started the “Freight Project Podcast” when he was at Cerasis. And while it is winding down production following the GlobalTranz acquisition of Cerasis, it provided immeasurable insights into the daily lives of shippers and carriers. As one of the first podcasts in the freight sector, common highlights of the series built on what everyday shippers needed to know to tap the value of LTL – the Cerasis forte – and how a TMS could mean the difference between success and failure. And over the years, it had multiple industry experts, ranging from logisticians and CEOs of collaborative supply chain solutions providers, third-party systems integrators (3PIs), and more.


stacked freight podcast

STACKED is the newest podcast to come from Adam Robinson and will showcase discussion with innovative leaders in the world of freight to talk about what Brokers, Shippers, Carriers, and other freight service providers should include in their FreightTech stack.

With the need for better freight management growing daily, listeners will have an opportunity to hear more insights and what the experts are saying about market trends, collaboration, leveraging data, and the full digital transformation of modern freight management.

Look for the brand new FreightWaves TV show and podcast to launch in 2021!

Get back in the driver’s seat by subscribing to these Top 18 freight podcasts now

Stay up to date and make sure you have the most accurate information at your fingertips. It’s too easy to let the competition pass you by, but by listening to these top freight podcasts, your company is sure to have a leg up in the competition and logistics landscape in 2021. Sign up for these freight podcasts today, and don’t forget to schedule a SONAR demo to get a sneak peek of what’s on the mind of Adam and the whole team at FreightWaves!

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