Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent is joined by Zach Strickland, FreightWaves’ Director of Freight Market Intelligence. They discuss the apparent peak of freight volumes and how SONAR can help subscribers recognize the next hot market. SONAR’s billions of data points provide subscribers a wide variety of data sets so that they can focus on the specific information, analysis and insight that is helpful to their business. 

Watch the episode below:

They also explain how SONAR can be used to determine market factors by length of haul volumes. Warehouse capacity, import volumes and a number of other categories can all be determined by length of haul and vice versa. Using SONAR’s gauge charts, trend charts and analysis of its data will help users better understand the dynamics of the freight market. Zach and Michael also explain the differences between SONAR’s market table and its volatility tables.


SONAR’s various data sets give you the information to interpret the North American freight market by mode. Granular data is available, giving subscribers the information to benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast their specific areas of competition, helping you get ahead and stay ahead of competitors. 


Know more, faster and find just what you need with SONAR!

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