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On the episode you’ll hear:

  • What is Hannah’s advice for retailers who want to reinvent themselves and perhaps what should they consider to stay optimized in shipping?
  • How can retailers specifically leverage their network to help them deliver to their consumers more efficiently?
  • What trends are you seeing for retailers in the use of technology to help optimize their supply chain and transportation networks?
  • What’s the ideal carrier market strategy for different regions?
  • Why is it important to Benchmarking carrier performance and monitor that over time?
  • How the Intelligent Audit analytics platform works and brings value to retail shippers.
  • Will more executives put more emphasis on the use of data in shipping? If so, what are the benefits they will realize, and will the use of analytics in shipping to make better decisions now a must-have in the tech stack?
  • As we get out of the COVID pandemic and somewhat to normalcy in shopping as we head into the fall, there will still be some issues with procuring capacity for retailers at a price they want to pay to stay within budget, especially as fall and back to school turn into Peak season shipping for retailers. Are we looking at a “Super Peak” and how can retailers get prepared?

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How data makes retail shippers smarter

On this episode of stackd, powered by FreightWaves SONAR, hear a discussion between stackd host, Adam Robinson, VP of Product Marketing at FreightWaves, and Hannah Testani, CEO of Freight Audit & Transportation Analytics provider, Intelligent Audit about the role of data and analytics to make retail shippers smarter in transportation decision-making.

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