Generating inbound leads and filling the sales funnel is the most important strategy for all companies to drive predictable revenue year after year. Content marketing is central to this strategy. Creating content marketing strategies that drive sales is difficult for most companies. One issue is the time and resources it takes to develop content. Another issue is the length of time and amount of effort it takes to build an audience. 

The results, once they do come, are worth all the efforts. The tips included in this article will help you think about how to create original content and then how to build your new audience.  

Creating original content 

#1 Transportation-focused content

Educating your prospects and customers on the most current trends in the trucking market is an excellent way to stay on their radar at all times. There are plenty of data sets to draw from to create your own unique analysis. It is important to use the most current freight data, like what is included in FreightWaves SONAR, to create your content because the freight market changes daily

#2 Industry-focused content

One of the most underutilized content strategies is to create content geared towards your customers’ and prospects’ industries. For example, shippers in the retail industry would find research based around industry trends to be valuable. This is an area that most freight brokers and carriers shy away from. So, using an approach of focusing on industry content would differentiate your content from others.  

#3 Blending the two together

By blending freight data and industry data together you can create a compelling narrative that creates actionable analysis for your customers and prospects. Part of the reason why it is so actionable is that the blend of industry and freight drives sharing the data among different departments. If your content is powerful enough that those in operations, finance and sales – a as well as the executive suite gain actionable insights, then you have created content that drives inbound leads to you and your company

Sharing your new content

One of the benefits of creating your own content is that you can use it as the foundation for all your marketing initiatives. Of course, posting it on your website is always the first step. To get the biggest bang for your buck though you should also use the following ways to share your research. 

#1 Email marketing

While it does take quite a bit of time and resources to build your email marketing list, the rewards are there for the taking. According to HubSpot, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. An added bonus for building your own email marketing list is that you own this relationship and are not at the mercy of changing algorithms of the social media platforms. 

#2 Podcasting

Using podcasts to tell in-depth stories that go beyond your written content is an added dimension that brings your narrative to life. Podcasts can also be used to invite your prospects and customers to be guests, which raises their profiles as well. Creating a podcast has never been easier. Starting out with recording Zoom or other calls is perfect before buying specialized equipment and software. 

#3 Social media

The short form of social media on LinkedIn and Twitter are perfect platforms to tease out your content. These quick highlights can be used to drive customers and prospects to your website and podcasts and to consume your content. Creating a following is essential. It is always best practice to drive your fans on social media to your email marketing list so you will own more of the relationship, no matter what changes happen in the future on social media. 

How SONAR aids freight brokers

FreightWaves SONAR provides the fastest freight market data in the world, across all major modes of traffic. The SONAR platform is the only freight forecasting and analytics platform that offers real-time freight market intelligence-driven off actual freight contract tenders. 

SONAR has proprietary data that comes from actual load tenders, electronic logging devices and transportation management systems, along with dozens of third-party global freight and logistics-related index providers like TCA Benchmarking, Freightos, ACT, Drewry and DTN.

Whether you’re working from the office or from home, SONAR can provide you the data and intelligence you need to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Find out more about FreightWaves SONAR for brokers.You can find more information on freight brokerage sales on the popular FreightWaves sales show, Put That Coffee Down.

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