[WHITE PAPER] How carriers utilize data and analytics to increase revenue and profits

Jason VanoverFreight Market Blog, White Papers

The competitive market demands that companies constantly push for utilization of innovative technology. Those who find themselves unable to keep up with modern trends often fall by the wayside, making the use of these innovative technologies even more crucial. 

Carriers currently have a great selection of tools to choose from so that they may further their enterprise. Many of the most beneficial tools come from the utilization of data and analytics. Data and analytics provide carriers with an incredible wealth of information that has proven to bolster revenue and profits. 

To help carriers learn how to apply and deploy data more effectively, this white paper will explore:

  • The uses of data to allocate and manage assets. 
  • How carriers create data-driven pricing strategies.
  • The applications of analytics to navigate market volatility.
  • The advantage of predictive rating tools to manage and maximize RFP efficiency and cost alignment. 
  • The use of analytics to proactively handle route optimization. 
  • Measuring the health of the trucking business through analytics-based benchmarking.


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