Broker/Carrier 101 – Freight Forecasting (video)

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Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent is joined by Donny Gilbert, FreightWaves’ Market Expert in the brokerage area. They discuss the topic of “Broker/Carrier 101” and freight forecasting from the perspectives of brokers and carriers. While relationships are not always perfect, brokers need carriers and carriers need brokers (and both need shippers). As FreightWaves SONAR shows daily, capacity supply and demand changes daily in trucking, rail, air cargo and ocean shipping. Capacity supply and demand also changes in lanes for all these modes as well. Therefore, the trucking cost on the Los Angeles to Chicago lane may be less today, while the cost for intermodal rail service between the two cities is more expensive today. That could stay the same tomorrow, or easily reverse. 

Watch the episode below:

Donny and Michael discuss how a SONAR subscriber can compare load tenders to capacity using SONAR’s HAUL index, as well as its Outbound Tender Volume Index, Outbound Tender Rejection Index, Inbound Tender Volume Index and Inbound Tender Rejection Index to better understand what is happening in the freight market – whether across the United States or in a particular market. SONAR gives subscribers data and analysis to also help users understand the interplay of surrounding market conditions. Donny gives information about SONAR’s heat maps, market tables and charting functions.

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