Working as both an asset-based and non-asset-based broker, ARL Logistics unlocks new value, profitability and strong growth by using FreightWaves SONAR. In modern freight management, the word of a broker is an unbreakable bond. And ARL Logistics upholds that commitment with a promise to honor the quote regardless of whether profits are gained. Unfortunately, that amounts to lost opportunities and low profitability on loads in high-volume markets or those subject to substantial market dynamics.

What does that mean for ARL Logistics? It could survive through the peaks, but a sudden downturn or upturn in the market could lead to lost opportunities to grow and expand its network.

After nearly two years of use, ARL Logistics is finding new value and opportunities to increase use cases of SONAR insights and data. And the results are proving SONAR’s value as a market trends and planning resource.

For example, some top uses of SONAR have led to a few notable benefits for ARL employees and clients, including:

  • Increased ability to handle one-off moves in tight markets. 
  • Relying on data to rate loads and avoid under- or over-valuing brokerage services.
  • Much better market responsiveness through near real-time data, using yesterday’s data not week-old data to make decisions.
“We had historically looked at market conditions from and DAT, as well as using their monthly overview emails. However, that was only half of the battle. We also worked across our carriers to collect data from our network and understand where rates were trending. Still, we knew that growth depended on expanding our purview of external data.”
Greg Morrow
Director of Operations
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