Using SONAR, you can project freight rates, fuel, operating costs, equipment values, and market activity—for the next 24 hours and all the way up to a year.

SONAR’s comprehensive and high-frequency data from across global freight markets is combined with the most comprehensive forecasting tools in the industry, providing users with the freight market intelligence essential to proactively manage their business. Forecast market volatility, rates, fuel costs, or port congestion across the country or around the globe—to name just a few.

Logistics leaders use SONAR data to forecast transportation spend and capacity availability and enrich their demand planning exercises. Now you can be ready for the next cyclical inflection.


Forecast future market conditions to maximize margin. Develop rate forecasts for up to a year. 



In addition to forecasting trucking spot and contract rates, SONAR provides overnight forecasts of fuel, mid- and long-term forecasts on equipment values and total cost of ownership (TCO). 



Develop budget forecasts of transportation spend. Protect your supply chain from disruptions due to routing guide failure and future carrier rejections. Create a logistics rate forecast across all modes.



SONAR provides high-level freight market visibility and market conditions and enables financial professionals to stay ahead of any potential issues.

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