SONAR watchlists include six different watchlist types. Each variety gives you a unique perspective to monitor the freight markets. With the ability to select a specific type, group, sample or limited index to monitor, you gain quick insights into market conditions affecting your business. Each watchlist type, listed below, has special features that allow you to make quick decisions and guide your strategic initiatives. 

    • Standard watchlist: shows actual change and percent change since the previous value.
    • Heat map list: same as standard, except the entire line changes between green or red depending on the movement of the data giving you a more conspicuous visual. 
    • Tree map: one of the easiest ways to look at freight market data on a screen. Data is sorted by highest value in the upper left and lowest value in lower right. Everything is sorted between the data points.
    • Scrolling ticker: similar to a scrolling ticker you would see at the bottom of CNBC; the scrolling ticker will stream the watchlist across the screen. 
    • Market table: "a periodic table for the freight markets." A user can see different datasets sorted by market, providing an easy way to manage a specific geographical market with a large amount of data.
    • Gauge chart: looks like a gauge and shows the user the current value compared to the 52-week high and low ranges. This gauge can be streamed across the screen.

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