Video Library

Enjoy exclusive video content directly inside of SONAR – no need to leave the platform. The Video Library includes the following: 

Instructional: This is where you can find our Webinar series as well as other step by step tutorials on SONAR. 

Featured: Staff-selected content provides everything from topical insights to current events and trends. 

Freightwaves NOW: Your daily glimpse into the broad and specific market conditions and trends as discussed by our Market Experts, economists and SONAR pros. 

Freight Update: Always keep up to date with what is happening in freight with Freight Update.

Monthly Market Updates: Couldn’t join our monthly deep economic market analysis webinar? Catch up on the key drivers and risks in the freight economy as explained by our team of Market Experts and economists.

FreightWaves Events: Couldn't attend? Here you can find WavesTalks, Company Demos, Keynotes and more from FreightWavesTV.

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