SONAR Starter Package

With the SONAR Starter package, you have access to the Lane Signal app, the Critical Events and Global Pages. The starter package allows you to access the key features of SONAR as a view into a window of what SONAR has to offer. If you're looking to get started with SONAR today, the SONAR Starter package is perfect for you. Fill out the form and a representative will reach out shortly. Ask your representative about our other SONAR features to expand your use of SONAR and gain more benefits to proactively plan around capacity and rates to stay ahead of the freight market.

SONAR Lane Signal

FreightWaves SONAR is the industry's most comprehensive freight forecasting data platform, providing unparalleled freight insights and forecasts.

Access key features of SONAR including:

Global Pages allow you to quickly retrieve a variety of information. Global Pages are created by FreightWaves employees, and cannot be edited.

Lane Signal provides a lane-by-lane freight rate forecasting app showing past, present and future rates, pricing power scores and a visual comparison of markets that impact your business. Learn more

Critical Events is a SONAR widget that serves as an intelligence center during severe weather, natural disasters, fires or controlled power outages. SONAR’s Critical Events allows users to react smarter to events across the globe. Learn More

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