SONAR Signals Open API

A process so simple, everyone should be doing it. SONAR Signals are bringing the intel of SONAR directly to your commercial software or tender management system for faster, easier decision making within your organization or customer. Free to use through third party developers, SONAR Signals Open API is the easiest way to simplifying your daily decision making.  

Easy Integration

Integrate the power of SONAR’s real-time freight data into your own commercial software or TMS system for more efficient decision making. Save time digging through information to make holistic pricing decisions; SONAR Signals clearly displays who holds the pricing power in the markets that matter most to your business.

Fast Decisions

Score the shipper vs carrier strength of pricing and negotiation in both the origin and destination markets. These scores are broken down by the origin and destination lanes, and are updated daily, giving you the fastest and most accurate information in the market.

Effective Data

Our proprietary algorithms use a variety of datasets, such as historical volumes and tender rejections, as well as previously assessed spot rates found in SONAR to create a custom pricing power score. Bring value to your customers and team by providing them real-time, actionable insights directly to their screens.

Access SONAR Signals Open API

To integrate Signals into your software, simply add the generated code below to your website’s CMS and change “YOUR_ASSIGNED_TOKEN” to the token you received after signing up. Finally, change the zips to the Origin and Destination Zip3 respectively. If you do not have a token, use the form below to connect with a member of the SONAR Development Team.

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