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Signing up to request for SONAR SCI Beta does not guarantee inclusion in the Beta period of SONAR SCI. 

*Beta indicates a short period of time and is not the official product launch of SONAR SCI nor the final version of this supply chain intelligence tool. Beta users will use the current iteration of SONAR SCI to aid in iterating the product for the official launch.

With SONAR SCI, you get supply chain intelligence not seen anywhere else that provides:

  • $80 Billion in freight spend data to benchmark against peers, your historical data, and the market
  • Guidance for contract RFPs
  • Real-time data at “rocket” speed
  • Deeper lane-specific insights with Lane Acuity
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The beta release will definitely benefit brokers and carriers; it will particularly benefit shippers in specific industries like automotive, CPG, retail, and more. SONAR SCI helps users benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast their freight spend. It will be particularly useful when conducting freight contract negotiations for longer-term freight RFPs.

SONAR SCI provides data at “rocket speed.” While working to launch SONAR SCI, it was known internally as “Project Apollo” because the data flows to users happen in real- or near-time (rocket speed). In addition to its near-time data, SONAR SCI provides context regarding rates by lane for better management of transportation spend. Users can benchmark, monitor current rates, and analyze historical market performance and rates, as well as market intelligence and service levels. In addition to empowering its users, SONAR SCI provides a new realm of performance and operations management.