Ocean Shipment Report

Ocean Shipments Report

Users have the ability to see how much freight will be coming into specific ports before anyone else. This is the first time this information is readily available and easily digested.


Top 100 Consignees by Volume

With the 100 Consignees dashboard, it is easy to see why the SONAR Ocean Shipments Report is the best indicator available to gauge how much ocean container volume is being booked for U.S. imports. See which companies are the 100 largest consignees by shipment volume – as well as where the imports are coming from and where in the United States those shipments are heading.

SONAR’s Ocean Shipments Report allows companies in all modes to “read the future” and know where freight will be coming into the U.S., when and in what volume to pivot to proactive.

Imports by Consignee

Proprietary Ocean Data

Be the first to know what is going to happen in the freight market. Not only will this give you the opportunity to capitalize on that knowledge to find capacity and reduce costs, but will also help you service your customers better. 

With SONAR’s Ocean Shipments Report app, you will have access to data that is not available anywhere in the market today. The Ocean Shipments Report app shows you an index of the number of ocean containers shipping to and from the United States. The index not only shows U.S.-bound shipments, but also displays ocean shipment volumes internationally.

Pivot to Proactive

The Ocean Shipments Report app transforms the way you currently make decisions around capacity planning near major ports. Current available ocean shipments data in the marketplace only give you lagging data, leaving you in a reactive planning state. Pivot to proactive planning as the SONAR Ocean Shipments Report app empowers you to see what ports may see high volumes, indicating less capacity and higher rates or lower volumes, indicating more capacity, and lower rates for over-the-road (OTR) moves.

Understanding that the international container volume will turn into freight and cargo stored in U.S. warehouses and shipped across the country via truck and/or intermodal rail is key when looking at this data. Pivot to proactive and in turn reduce freight costs, increase your profits.

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