Mission Control

Mission Control

Your own TV network, featuring everything freightMission Control delivers premium content covering all modes of transportation.

We're merging the news you crave and the data you need on one powerful TV platform. Stay ahead of freight market impacts with daily news and data updates broadcasted directly from your streaming device via the Mission Control transportation video platform. 

Broadcast what really matters - critical data and the news that it creates. Why waste time using old data to make current decisions? SONAR's data updates daily, relaying market data relevant to your business or customer base. 

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Handselected for your business.

You’re in control of the display content, allowing you to focus on what you need. View only the most relevant market data alongside premiere industry news. Featuring the most valuable content in the markets with the largest impact on the freight economy.

You have the opportunity to feature sponsors and display ads in Mission Control directly to your business network in the home or office. 

Premium content for your network.

Share your Mission Control within your own network. Help your team succeed by providing the most relevant market data and current events all in one place. Utilizing market insights can improve decision making across the entire company. 

Your team needs the whole story, and now you can provide it. Partnering insights with critical data will sharp daily decisions and generate valuable industry knowledge.

Leverage your data with customers

Give your customers world class logistics service by boosting their daily news. These timely insights will help your customers navigate market changes and keep your company top of mind when it comes to servicing their needs.

Become a source of vital news and knowledge. Built with the customer in mind, Mission Control brings awareness to market and economic conditions and provides actionable data faster than any other platform. 

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Get access to the leading freight forecasting and freight benchmarking platform – fast.