Lane signal

SONAR’s Lane Signal is a lane-by-lane freight rate forecasting app showing past, present and future rates, pricing power scores and a visual comparison of markets that impact your business. This powerful app has a quick and easy overview of the most volatile markets each day, with a brief description.

Lane Signal is the newest and most powerful freight market analytics app in SONAR.  Deciphering data is simple with Lane Signal.

Simplify rate pricing.

The Lane Signal dashboard shows current freight market rates, alongside historic and predictive freight rates for up to 12 months. What makes our data different? Our proprietary methods combine historical carrier rate data and tender transactions. Tenders are based on 85% of the contracted truckload market and rate data represents thousands of fleets, giving you accurate data, fast. 

Proprietary algorithms score negotiating strength for shippers and carriers, showing current and previous values in easy to read pricing power gauges. Simply enter the origin and destination cities of the lane and the app does the rest of the work to compare routing costs.

Lane Signal populates freight rates with the option to include a fuel surcharge, giving you a more holistic view of the freight market. Easily toggle to the time frame and view that you need while referencing the geographical lane on the map above. 

This powerful app provides an easy to read visual of the most volatile markets each day, including a brief description for faster analysis. 

Analyze past, present, and future freight market data.

The new map allows you to make more informed decisions by uncovering HAUL strength all the way down to the Zip 3 granularity. Gaining access to real time data in smaller, more specific surrounding areas boosts the accuracy of your decisions. 

After entering the O/D pair, the map will unlock data for the origin and destination as well as surrounding areas, with a rollover feature to breakdown mile-to-mile information.  

SONAR subscribers can give others in their organizations access to Lane Signal, providing lane intelligence to all levels in the organization. Make sure every person on the floor has access to this simple intelligence system to give your team a competitive advantage. This new feature can be used as part of a subscriber’s API to easily transition data into your daily workflow.

Backtest predicted linehaul rates

A key advantage of SONAR is that it provides predictive analytics so that subscribers can see what linehaul rates are forecast to be in the future. The introduction of FreightWaves Scientific Rates Tickers, which present SONAR Lane Signal data predictions in a ticker format for faster review and application, allow SONAR subscribers to have confidence that predicted rate per mile projections in SONAR are accurate or provide an opportunity to dig deeper when there are large deviations between the predictions on spot market linehaul rates vs. the final observed linehaul tender rates.

SONAR uses tendered data to derive meaningful, actionable insights. With the new Scientific National Truckload Rates Per Mile indices and tickers: 

  • Shippers gain an added level of confidence in truckload linehaul cost exposure rather than viewing individual Lane Signal data. 
  • Brokers see improved cost control through proactive margin management and the ability to create a more comprehensive strategy, ensuring operations and pricing reflect market conditions. 
  • Carriers can stay even more competitive in the market and know when to make strategic decisions that impact profitability per load as a whole and not just on a single lane.

“SONAR’s ability to predict rates is one of the key features that sets it apart,” said FreightWaves’ Chief Data Scientist Daniel Pickett. “These new charts expand the use of the predictive rate tool by letting a SONAR subscriber examine predictive and historical rates in a more visual manner.”

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